Rectifying Aircon Problems

If you are facing aircon problems such as aircon not working or having malfunctioned, it is the best time to get your air-conditioning systems to be repaired in order to enjoy the Cooling air. Our professionals team can help you in diagnosing the aircon problem which you are facing and resolve the functionality in an efficient method.

When you engage our repair service, our technician will rectify the aircon issue using appropriate tools and equipment. After knowing the diagnose that causes the aircon to be faulty, our technician will advise to customers with the most economical solutions to conduct the aircon reparation efficiently and ensure that the aircon units are working properly with cooling air for the environments.

At Ricool Aire, our technicians are well trained in all different brands and models of air-conditioning in Singapore. Hence you may put the trust in us in rectifying and repairing your aircon problems effectively.

Below are the common issues:

  • Aircon is Cooling Performance drop
  • Aircon light is Blinking
  • Aircon Indoor Coil is Freezing
  • Aircon having Water Leakage
  • Aircon having Strange Noises
  • Compressor is Faulty