York Water Ecosystem (HVAC System)

YORK VTF (YORK Water Ecosystem)

Trusted in the world’s most prestigious buildings for over 145 years, YORK® commercial HVAC systems deliver performance that runs more efficiently in real-world conditions and that come standard with world-class service and support.

VTF: Variable Temperature and Flow (For Water and Air) YORK® VTF is a full DC inverter water ecosystem with chiller outdoor unit, fan coil indoor units, thermostats and integrated system operational smart controls.

VTF covers VRF and VWF:

  1. It is the full DC inverter refrigerant system within the VTF outdoor unit which performing variable refrigerant flow;
  2. It is the smart auto-running hydraulic circulation within the VTF system which performing variable water flow thru the built-in switching on/off or inverter pump kit;

Summary of Best Practices

Major Features VTF VRF
Essence of System Technology the real central air-conditioning system, the chilled/heated water is treated and circulated centrally and stably. the same as the single split (the air treatment is the same as the single split totally, those technical features which are being promoted on VRF are to close the gap between the VRF and single split)
Comfort Index: Flowing Air Temperature Difference ≤ 5℃ 2~10℃ (the lower limit on evaporating temperature)
Comfort Index: Humidity Balance More reasonable and comfortable humidity balance (comfortable relative humidity range 40%~60%) Excessive dehumidification
System Reliability Never breakdown for maintaining anyone of indoor units or thermostats system breakdown for maintaining anyone of indoor units
System Extention No limit 50%~130% capacity ratio between IDUs and ODU
System Retrofit No limit and flexible replacement bundled indoor units and outdoor unit
System Compatibility Freely chosen FCUs from the market bundled indoor units and outdoor unit
Capacity Correction Factor of Piping Program No attenuation, factor 1.0 Positive attenuation, factor 0.75~1.00
Leakage Risk of Indoor Side Piping System ≤ 0.3MPa normally, the upper limit 0.6MPa 0.6~3.3MPa (liquid pipe 2.2~3.3MPa)
Threat of Refrigerant Leakage No, only water in the indoor piping system concentration limit
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