York Water Ecosystem

Do you know what Water-Ecosystem is?


Most of the air-conditioning system in the market are wall-mounted split, floor-standing vertical split, ducted split and traditional central air conditioning system. The medium for cooling and heating is Freon.

York Water-Ecosystem is using Water as the cooling and heating medium.

The non-toxic and harmless water, the water is the source of life, and the symbol of purity.

Using water as medium ~ York Water-Ecosystem central air conditioning.

~ Water, is the medium of York Water-Ecosystem indoor unit, to be used for cooling and heating ~

Water as medium

Safe to use and more effective!

Let’s take a look at the comparison below:

1. Which is more high-end and comfortable?

Water has stronger heat transfer and heat storage capacity. Therefore, the cooling and heating of water-ecosystem central air conditioning is more stable.

The temperature difference between the air outlet and the return air is small, and the room is always kept at a constant temperature.

It will not appear the frosty or heat near the air outlet. Prevent the “air-conditioning disease” caused by the fluctuating temperature.

To enjoy a high-end and comfortable life with constant temperature, York Water-Ecosystem central air-conditioning is the best choice for you!

2. Which is more moisturizing and skin-friendly?

Ordinary air conditioner using Freon will draw a large amount of moisture from the air during cooling, which has a great impact on indoor humidity. The longer use time, the dry skin and dry throat symptom will be getting more obvious.

The water-ecosystem central air conditioning does not have such problems even if used for a long time. It can protect the room with constant humidity and moisture. The skin is naturally permeable and hydrated, and the body will feel cool and comfortable.

3. Which is better in energy-saving and more cost effective?

Water-Ecosystem central air conditioning only uses one outdoor unit for multiple purposes. Not only saves the cost of the boiler, and the operating cost is very low.

Under the same operating environment, the cost of Water-Ecosystem is only 30%-50% of the boiler cost for under-floor heating.

4. Which is more powerful?

Consumer 1
Consumer 2
Consumer 3

The powerful function of supporting both cooling and heating through different kinds of terminal units/indoor units.

It can also produce the domestic hot water and support cooled or heated fresh air.
Easily meet the diverse comfort needs of different groups of people

After four rounds of comparison, so which is better? I believe you should have the answer.
Now, you shall have a better understanding on York Water-Ecosystem Central Air Conditioning.

Uses Water as the medium, high-end of enjoyment

Cool and refreshing during summer, giving you a comfort and worry free of life!